Introducing Microsoft Dataflex

Introducing Microsoft Dataflex, low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams

In this COVID-19 crisis has quickly changed the way of living and work, many IT companies have sifted to work from home and apply a hybrid work approach as they open physical areas. To help this move to hybrid remote work, and Microsoft Power Platform integrating with Microsoft Teams and also provide low-code tools Microsoft Dataflex. so now the question is what is Microsoft Dataflex? Let’s have a look into this.

What is Microsoft Dataflex?

Microsoft declares the release of Microsoft Dataflex. Dataflex is built-in, low-code information for the Teams, and gives data storage, enterprise-grade administrator, and single-click solution provider. Microsoft Dataflex allows everyone to create apps and chatbots in teams with PowerApps and virtual agents. Microsoft Dataflex is woked on common data services, which was arrived at general accessibility four years ago. since that time, common data service included more than 1000 features and introduced support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. Microsoft fulfilled to declare that the Common Data Service has now been renamed to Microsoft Dataflex Pro as a significant part of this declaration. click here for more information.

Microsoft Teams and Power Platform is forming the eventual fate of work with low-code applications to maintain the business. The new functionality to create clients to effectively construct applications and bots directly with the Teams, engaging business clients to quickly react to changing business needs and make custom solutions. With the addition of Microsoft Dataflex, Teams clients presently have key business information readily available to manufacture new applications that address genuine

Integrated experience for your custom applications inside Teams

Avoid wasting time by exchanging between different services and applications with one fully integrated experience. Users can build, deploy, share the direct PowerApps development solutions with teams. Responsive application design to teams gives a smooth experience across the web, tablets, and mobile. Automate your Team’s forms with Power Automate for Office 365 over your Microsoft Dataflex information for a start to finish experience.

Quickly build and deploy apps and bots inside Teams

With both the Powerapps app studio and the power virtual portal installed in teams, clients can now easily and quickly construct applications and bots with simplified straightforwardness in teams without exchanging the applications.

Easily share and administer custom solutions through Teams

With a situation for each team and no restriction on the number of applications, Microsoft datafiles enable a simple sharing model for team proprietors, members, and all with the access of data. It depends on the security and administration that works and was proven through the Microsoft Dataflex pro. (common data services.)