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ASP.Net development initially powered by Microsoft is a developer platform that is build up as an open-source web framework that can help you build the latest web apps and services with its cross-platform.

We have a highly scalable ASP.NET platform service that can be easily accessed on Windows, Linux, and macOS devices.

Our end-to-end .Net platform service is tailor-made with the utilization of libraries and programming languages to help you build the business or enterprise-level apps of your desire.

We use Visual Basic, C#, HTML, CSS, and Javascript for creating dynamic pages. Also, our ASP.Net services allow you to get complete access to pages, APIs, real-time, and microservices to build a kind of application that can scale up your business’s overall performance.

For building and creating website design and development for apps, the .Net extended platform can be specifically used as a multiple-purpose platform.

  • Asp.Net C# MVC
  • OData, Web API, Entity Framework with Swagger & Postman
  • Kendo UI or DevExpress
  • Azure AD or Twilio Authy or Custom SQL
  • SSO
  • SQL Server Express or Server
  • Visual Studio App Center/NLog
  • IIS or Azure – CI/CD
  • Agile Methodology – Jira & Azure Dev ops or GitHub or BitBucket
  • Azure Jobs or Task Scheduler
  • AngularJS or Angular

Our .Net Services

ASP.Net Enterprise Solutions

An ASP.Net core-based enterprise application can be a tedious process as it includes implementation of .net core class libraries, applying various business logic, passing data from controllers, model binding and mapping, creating the layout, data migration, deploying and many things intact within while building enterprise solutions which we have an in-depth mastery over building a kind of masterpiece developed by our expert professionals.

ASP.Net Web App Development

Your need for an ASP.NET web App development has just got a realistic approach to creating and deploying any number of modern web apps. Whether you want us to develop web APIs or multiple mobile sites, we have real-time advanced technology such as web sockets and more to develop and design the web app for you in a hassle-free manner.

Third-party Integration & Customization

Third-party integration and customization have been just made easy with codevision as we facilitate connecting through API integration, custom application, and third-party API documentation which can save you a lot of time and cost by reducing the risk of extra data entries.

ASP.Net MVC Web Applications

We make the utilization of MVC (Model View Controller), a design that is used to separate UI (User Interface) view, application logic, and data controller to deliver you powerful pattern-based to create dynamic websites.

Microsoft Azure Development Services

With our Microsoft Azure development services, you can get completely relied upon getting the most trusted cloud-based security, support of all languages and frameworks, hybrid cloud-based On-Premises integration, and solutions built with an open source that is committed to build in your way and deploy where you want.

End-to-end ERP Solutions

With Codevision, you can get an entire ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions with our end-to-end ERP design and development services by implementing best .NET practices that include empowering you with highly complex customized ERP with a comprehensive set of features and functionality that is built with utmost care.



ASP.NET is a server-side web application development framework created by Microsoft. It allows developers to build dynamic, data-driven websites and web applications using the C# or VB.NET programming languages. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider using ASP.NET for web development: 

  • Rapid Development: ASP.NET provides a range of tools and libraries that make it easy for developers to quickly build and deploy web applications. 
  • Scalability: ASP.NET is designed to handle large amounts of traffic and data, making it ideal for enterprise-level applications that need to scale. 
  • Security: ASP.NET has built-in security features, such as authentication and authorization, to protect against common web application vulnerabilities. 
  • Object-Oriented Programming: ASP.NET utilizes an object-oriented programming model, making it easy to create reusable code and maintainable applications. 
  • Support for Multiple Languages: ASP.NET supports multiple languages such as C#, VB.NET, and F#, giving developers a choice of language to work with. 
  • Extensive Library: ASP.NET comes with a vast library of pre-built classes and components, making it easy to add functionality to an application without having to write the code from scratch. 
  • Support for Web Services: ASP.NET has built-in support for web services, making it easy to create and consume services in an application. 
  • Community Support: ASP.NET has a large and active community, providing developers with a wealth of resources and support. 
  • Integration with Visual Studio: ASP.NET can be easily integrated with Visual Studio, providing developers with a powerful development environment. 

Overall, ASP.NET is a great option for building web applications that are fast, secure, scalable, and easy to maintain. It’s a mature technology and has a large community and also many resources are available for it. 

We give a wide exhibit of ASP.NET Improvement Administrations to our clients overall with the goal that they can take their business up to a higher level. Our top-notch service range includes-:

  • Custom .NET Web Development Services
  • .NET Mobile Application Development
  • .NET Application Migration/Porting
  • .NET Designing, Custom CRM
  • ASP.NET Web Application Development
  • ASP.NET Ecommerce Solutions
  • .NET Integrations
  • Product Navigation Systems

Codevision Technologies has a team of highly skilled and experienced ASP.NET developers who have delivered a wide range of successful projects.

  • We offer customized ASP.NET development solutions to meet the specific needs of the client.
  • We use industry-proven methodologies, such as Agile and Scrum, to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • High-quality code: Codevision Technologies follows best coding practices and standards to ensure that the code is clean, maintainable, and scalable.
  • We have a strong communication system with clients and dedicated project managers to ensure smooth and seamless project execution.
  • We are committed to delivering projects on time, ensuring that the client receives the solution as per their requirement.
  • We provide post-deployment technical support, ensuring that the client’s application is running smoothly and any issues are quickly resolved.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality, robust, and scalable solutions to clients.
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As there are many variables that can determine the cost of ASP.NET web development, it’s rather hard to predict the exact cost with the same variables. Once we secure your project, we can discuss how best to use the cost to support your organization. However, there are several variables that may impact the expense are:-

  • The requirements of your project
  • Nature of the job
  • The technology stack you choose
  • Type of the application
  • Interaction model
  • The number of developers in your developer’s team, and so on.
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