Enhancing Workflow Efficiency: Advanced Access Control with Microsoft PowerApps

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Our client, a leading pharmaceutical firm based in the USA, operates with a workforce exceeding 70,000 + professionals worldwide. Company is deeply involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and sale of medical equipment and devices.

Our client faced problems in managing permissions and access across its global network of employees and various sites. To address this problem and improve operational efficiency, they thought of finding a robust solution. Their aim was to streamline permission requests and restrictions effectively, reduce dependency on manual processes, and automate workflow.

Technology: – PowerApps, Power Automate & SharePoint

Country:- USA


  • Complex Permission Management: With a vast workforce spread globally across the world, client experience difficulties in managing permissions and access control. Ensuring the right level of access for each employee.
  • Data Security Concerns: Due to the sensitive nature of research and development activities, data security was a top priority for the client. Effectively managing permissions while safeguarding confidential information from unauthorized access or breaches became a critical concern.
  • Manual Processes and Dependency: The client relied heavily on manual processes for managing permissions and workflow, leading to inefficiencies, delays, and a higher risk of errors. Dependency on manual intervention also prevents scalability and agility in responding to changing business needs.
  • Lack of Automation: The absence of automated workflows resulted in repetitive tasks, increased workload for employees, and a lack of agility in responding to business demands. Streamlining processes through automation became essential for improving operational efficiency and responsiveness.


Request Access Management Dashboard
Manage Bulk User Requests
  • Employee Access Request: Utilizing our Microsoft PowerApps interface, employees can effortlessly initiate requests for access, which resulted in streamlining the procedure and promoting transparency.
  • PowerApps Administration Control: We’ve developed a solution built on Microsoft PowerApps that allows administrators with complete control over various sites access management. With this solution, administrators can effectively handle access requests and maintain data security protocols.
  • Request Approval/Rejection: Administrators can swiftly approve or reject access requests within the PowerApps interface, ensuring prompt responses and efficient management of permissions.
  • Direct Access Management: Admins have the flexibility to grant or revoke access permissions directly from the site interface, providing them with real-time control over user access permissions.
  • Bulk User Management: Managing access permissions in an organization with a large number working professionals across multiple sites was a significant hurdle. Our solution simplifies this task by allowing administrators to import employee lists via CSV files, enabling seamless granting or revoking of access permissions with ease and efficiency.
  • Restricted Users/Employees from site: We’ve also added a feature that allows administrators to control access permissions for specific employees at the site level. When an admin restricts an employee, that individual won’t be able to access the site, even when someone else grants them permission. The restriction cannot be overruled until the admin removes that individual from restriction.
  • Power Automate Flow for Email Notifications & Reminders: We have also integrated Power Automate Flow to handle all email notifications related to permissions. Additionally, it’s designed to remind admins about pending requests that have been open for more than 24 hours, prompting them to take action and either approve or reject them.


User Restrictions

Our client experienced major improvements after implementing our Microsoft PowerApps-based solution. They successfully tackled their complex permission management challenges by using our innovative platform. By streamlining the access request process, they increased transparency and efficiency across their global workforce. Administrators now have better control over site access management, allowing them to respond promptly to access requests while maintaining strict data security protocols.

Key Features of Application

Access Control Management

Our Application offers a comprehensive solution for managing permissions and access control multiple global sites. With intuitive features, administrators can easily assign the appropriate level of access to each employee.

Improved Workflow Automation

Our Request Access Management seamless integration with Power Automate Flow has revolutionized our client's workflow processes. Manual tasks have been automated, minimizing errors and boosting efficiency. This has led to a significant increase in productivity.

Robust Data Security Measures

Our application prioritizes data security, advanced encryption techniques, and access controls safeguard confidential information, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or breaches.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your organization grows and evolves, our application scales with you. Whether you're managing a few employees or a global workforce, our solution offers scalability and flexibility to meet your changing needs.

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