.NET Framework Vs .NET Core: A Complete Guide


Here I would like to share a complete guide about the NET Framework Vs NET Core The dot NET is a family of software development tools, Frameworks, like JIT, AOT, BCL, C#, GC, VB DOT NET, ASP DOT NET, ML.NET, Entity Framework, WinForms, WPF, F#, Xamarin, and runtime.

In this blog, I will try to understand these runtimes .NET Framework and .NET Core.

What is .NET?

Microsoft constructs the .NET development tool, where users can build various types of software, where developers can use tools and libraries to develop their dream software.

With this particular informative article, I’ll take to generate your senses of these two runtimes distinct; Also, I’ll discard a little light on several significant elements that assist you in selecting the best platform for internet application improvement.

Introduction of .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is the Next Era of Windows software from Microsoft persisting as the Calendar Year 2000. The runtime environment with this routine helps programmers develop Windows applications, web services, and standalone applications for Windows.

The .NET Framework is the Next Era of Windows Assistance from Micro-Soft persisting as the Calendar Year 2000

There are two components of the .NET Framework

1: The Common Language Runtime
2: The Extensive Class Library

In all, .NET is object-oriented programming where you can use multiple programming languages – .NET Core as an open source stage.

What is .NET Core?

.NET Core is a framework that helps in making applications for all operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows. It supports many programming languages like C#, F#, and Visual Basic.

The main cool features like microservices, several APIs & components this platform make adorable for the developers. Websites, mobile, cloud, gaming, standalone application, web, and AI software might be built using .NET Core.

Difference between the .NET Core and .NET Framework.

.NET Framework Vs .NET Core


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