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Our client, a prominent Australia-based travel food and beverage company, specializes in establishing and managing food outlets for individuals on the move globally. Renowned as a leading provider in travel locations worldwide, the client sought to enhance operational efficiency by streamlining shift planning, maintenance processes, and survey management across all locations.

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The client faced significant operational challenges in managing their diverse and geographically dispersed team. The existing manual processes for planning shifts, conducting maintenance, and handling surveys were time-consuming and prone to errors. The lack of a centralized information system made it difficult to ensure timely maintenance, resulting in operational disruptions. The client recognized the need for a comprehensive digital solution to address these challenges across multiple locations.


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Understanding the client’s need for a one-stop application accessible on both IOS and Android devices that could remotely control work progress, generate reports, and track shifts. We proposed and developed a Custom Business Application based on Microsoft PowerApps.  
PowerApps is considered as the most cost-effective solution, offering robust functionalities without extensive development resources. PowerApps efficiency is vital for any organization seeking a comprehensive yet budget-friendly solution.  
We developed a Custom Microsoft PowerApps Application named Shift Planner. Our application allowed users to plan and manage shifts efficiently, conduct and schedule timely maintenance, and streamline the daily survey reports. The key focus was providing a user-friendly interface that enabled remote work progress management, ensuring that the client could monitor operations of various locations seamlessly in one Application.


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Implementing the Shift Planner app brought about transformative changes in the client’s operations. The key outcomes included: 

  • Efficient Shift Planning: The manual shift planning process was replaced with an automated system, reducing errors and ensuring optimal staffing levels. 
  • Timely Maintenance: Maintenances were scheduled and performed promptly, preventing downtime and enhancing the overall reliability of hospitality services. 
  • Streamlined Surveys: Daily survey questionnaire was seamlessly conducted through the app, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate survey results. 
  • Centralized Equipment Management: The app facilitated the centralized recording and management of equipment details, enabling easier tracking and maintenance across multiple locations. 
  • Remote Work Management: With the ability to monitor work progress and track employee hours remotely, the client gained operational control and improved overall efficiency. 

The implementation of PowerApps played a pivotal role in achieving these results, offering the client a cost-effective yet powerful solution that significantly contributed to an increase in Return on Investment (ROI). This showcases Microsoft PowerApps’s capability to deliver high quality, tailored Software Applications without compromising financial resources.

Key Features of the Shift Planner App

Remote Work Progress Control

Empower management to remotely monitor and control work progress across multiple locations with Real-time updates on ongoing tasks and project status.

Shift Planning Automation

Intuitive interface for seamless shift planning for teams across various locations. Automated scheduling algorithms to optimize workforce allocation

Timely Maintenance Alerts

Automated alerts for scheduled maintenance tasks, preventing delays and minimizing downtime across different outlets.

Survey Question Management

Simplified digital survey for daily operations and customer feedback. Helped in instant data collection, eliminating the need for manual writing work.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices for flexible and convenient access. Responsive app design for optimal user experience on various screen sizes.

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